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As a patient of Beach Pain Center Chiropractic Clinic Lake Worth TX, you will find a total wellness approach to helping you with your pain management needs. If you're ready for a healthy body or need to eliminate the daily aches and pains you feel, then chiropractic is the safe, gentle, pain-free therapy you've been looking for. We offer a total multidisciplinary practice focused on chiropractic, medical pain management, physical rehabilitation, spinal decompression, and cold laser therapy.

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All our services are conveniently located at one office under leadership of Dr. Noorani, DC and Dr. Patel, DO. Our doctors and staff are highly qualified and experienced, having established and trusted relationships with many local medical providers and injury attorneys throughout the DFW area.

About Roanoke Texas

Although Roanoke is home to under 10,000 people, its culture, particularly food culture, has made it a prominent Dallas-Fort Worth travel destination. Having been officially appointed by the Texas House of Representatives as the “Unique Dining Capital of Texas” in 2009, Roanoke offers everything from pizza, wine, European, barbeque, beer, and more in its local eateries.

Your Mind and Body is Health

To achieve total true health is when your body functions and performs as it was designed to. Many patients, when asked, think that how they feel is a good indication of how healthy they are. Unfortunately there are many reasons why this is not true.

Assume you digest some bad food, then become very ill and start cramping, along with throwing up. You attempt to eliminate the toxic food by any means, while the rest of your body is still working as it should with no problems. You may turn to indigestion medication, hoping this will quell your stomach, but it only acts temporarily while your stomach is still fighting the toxins.

Functioning Great

Your brain, spine, and nervous system are the command center that regulates and controls all the working of your body. Every cell, tissue, organ and system (even your immune system!) takes orders from your nervous system. When there is any disruption between the brain, spine, and nerves, you now have a health problem that can lead to pain or other serious issues.

Essentially, true health can be determined by how well your nervous system controls and manages your body. This is why subluxations are so serious! When there is a communication break down between the brain-to-body or body-to-brain, herein lies the cause for a multitude of health problems.

Body Tune-Up

Like your car, your body needs tuned up on a regular basis. You may feel you don’t need to go to the chiropractor because you feel fine. Just like you might feel your car is running fine and doesn't need tuned up. Daily we demand and ask a lot from our body and it must respond to our wishes quickly without hesitation. As chiropractors, we are very well trained mechanics to help keep your body running as smoothly as your car does.

You won't find a better well staffed chiropractic facility that is dedicated to serving your pain related and physical rehab needs. Contact us today or complete our online contact form and we'll promptly respond to arrange for a complimentary chiropractic consultation. You have questions and we have the answers to help you determine the best options for your personalized treatment.

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