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*****  This place is awesome. It's over a hour away from my house and I make the drive, for now, twice a week! I had a herniated disc for some unknown reason, and every staff member has been helpful to me in some way. I use the decompression machine, DRX9000 and its great. I do physical theraphy and adjustments too. I deal with Liz the most and she's awesome, but again, every staff member is VERY nice and helpful and always answers my questions kindly. If you're looking for a Chiropractor, this is it. I've been to 4 others, and this is by far the best.

-Kandyce Hardin

*****  I never dreamed of going to a chiropractor because I was scared.  Dr. Noorani is different. I came in on crutches and was literally flat on my back for 3 weeks.  I was in so much pain i couldn't get out of bed, even pain medication was not helping me. Dr. Noorani's office offered me physical therapy, a tens unit , adjustments along with spinal decompression. I was thrilled that they had so much to offer at one location because the collaboration of everything he offers made my heeling process much faster. I highly recommend his services as i continue to be apart of a maintenance program to continue to stay mobile and active in my lifestyle.

-Linda Johnson Fort Worth TX

 *****  They're great. They really helped me out a lot after my car accident. The staff is very professional and everyone is friendly makes you feel comfortable.

-Roy Velasco Fort Worth, TX

 *****  This is a great place to help with any kind of pain. I was in a wreck and still am getting physical therapy but they have been helping a lot with my pain. Very nice doctors and nurses here.

-Jeremy Guerrero Fort Worth, TX

 *****  They have a great staff that's easy to work with always ready to help and always smiling! Great job y'all!

-Francisco Rangel  Fort Worth, TX

 *****  I have been suffering with low back pain, hip pain and neck pain. I was seeing a chiropractor that I really liked, but I felt I really needed an x-ray to find out what was really going on. A gal I worked with had been going to Beach Pain Center for a while and is completely pain free and raved about it. I like that they are full service, x-ray, decompression, PT, Dr. Patel, MD for pain management, etc., etc. They take most insurance and work with you to do what it takes to feel better quickly. I'm still hurting a little, but can notice a change for the better, and getting better every day, now that we know exactly what is going on. They are friendly, kind and very patient. I would highly recommend Beach Pain Center!

-Linda Harris Fort Worth, TX

 *****  Highly recommend it for any pain regardless of it being from accident or just of daily routines. Very friendly staff that makes you feel comfortable.

-Paolo Corea Fort Worth, TX

 *****  Clean place, calm atmosphere, friendly staff. thumbs up for sure

-Joana Esparza Fort Worth, TX

 *****   The staff here are amazing!

-Elizabeth Martinez Fort Worth, TX

 ***** The experience of a car accident is never positive. With the help of Beach Pain Center and their amazing staff the experience was easier to manage. Having multiple injuries, the process was simple and as expected worth it. I continue to heal and owe it all to Beach Pain Center!!! Thank you so much!

-Michael Perry Fort Worth, TX

***** Beach pain center is the best!!! They have great employees who actually care about how you feel, there over all goal is to make sure you are taken care of 100%!!I would recommend to anyone with auto or work accidents!!! Go see them right away

-Robert Tovar Fort Worth, TX

*****  I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was referred to Beach Pain Center.  I was met by a very professional and friendly staff.  The Clinic was amazing and equipped with the most state of the art equipment.  The office manager greeted me and walked me through the whole process from beginning to end and educated me in the process with the treatment plan.  Dr. Noorani evaluated me and administered my treatment, I felt immediate relief after my adjustment.

I had a positive experience and would highly recommend this clinic !!

-Kay White Fort Worth, TX

*****   I was in a car accident a little over a month ago and I called Beach Pain Center. They got me in the same day, accessed my needs, and started physical therapy immediately. Dr. Patel and his staff are really nice. When I am completely healed, I will certainly miss them. Such a joy to be around and very patient if you have lots of pain. Don't hesitate to call on them if you need a Chiropractor.

-Shelisa Humphrey Fort Worth, TX

*****  My sciatica was killing me. I had a old auto accident injury in which I had fractured two vertebrae and herniated the disc in between. I had not had a problem with it for several years when it acted up on me. I could not get comfortable no matter what position I tried. Not even laying down. It was horrible. It felt like I had been kicked in the butt by a mule. I had heard of spinal decompression so I decided to give it a try. It worked so well I still can't believe it. The decompression along with the physical therapy has been wonderful. My sciatic pain is gone and I am virtually pain free after just 6 weeks of treatment. Thank you so much.

-Shannon Schwartz Fort Worth TX

*****  I was suffering from lower back pain. I had been many times to a back surgeon and even had a back injection with no relief at all. It was too the point I was having trouble walking, sitting and could not lift anything. I had to rely on my husband to help me do even small tasks. I went to a chiropractor and he suggested decompress and laser therapy. I would receive 16 treatments for the upfront price of $3950. I almost fainted! I searched the internet for other doctors that did decompression and laser therapy and was so glad I found Dr. Noorani. He is knowledge and kind. His facility has the top of the line machines and is very clean. I cannot say enough kind words about his staff, whom always call me by name and ask how I am doing with a sincere concern. I receive many forms of treatment, decompression, laser, ultrasound, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy all for one low reasonable price per visit. I am feeling much better now and I can walk without pain all due to Dr. Noorani and his staff. I highly recommend you visiting Dr. Noorani!

-Cindy Tamborello Fort Worth TX

*****   Alguien me pego por detras en mi trocka, en una interseccion donde yo y mi hijo fuimos enbueltos en este accidente, acudimos a BEACH PAIN CENTER donde enseguida nos atendieron bien y nos recomendaron con un abogado, ahora el dolor es menos y yo y mi hijo podemos decir que.

-Trevieso Mojica  Fort Worth TX

*****  I was referred to Dr. Noorani in 2007 by a family friend, I had been looking for a chiropractor that I could feel comfortable since at the time I was pregnant. It was one of the best recommendations that I’ve had! I felt comfortable with having Dr. Noorani as my doctor that I was adjusted a couple of weeks after I delivered, I even had my Daughter adjusted at 5-6 weeks of being born. He was able to explain to me all the benefits that came with child adjustments. I was also very glad when Dr. Patel came along he was able to help with my disc issues in conjunction with the treatment I was receiving from Dr. Noorani. My overall experience with Beach Pain Center has been exceptional and wonderful that I have referred my dad, 3 uncles and my sisters as well as countless friends! I have been a patient ever since the staff is loving and patient with me, my aches and pains will be taken care of and my good health will always be maintained by Beach pain center.

-Laura Castrellon Fort Worth TX

*****  I was in a severe car accident back in April. I herniated a disc in my lower back, tore the vast majority of the ligaments in my neck and suffered a minor concussion. The pain was pretty bad, I was put on multiple prescription drugs to help ease it but that simply masked the pain. Beach Pain Center actually took care of problem itself. The people there were beyond nice to the point that the visits didn't even feel like doctor appointments, they were actually kind of fun. It didn't feel like a horde of doctors and nurses just doing their job, it was actual people trying to get me back into the sports that I loved. With just a couple months of rehab I went from being a couch potato, to an even better athlete than I was before the accident. I am beyond grateful for all their help, for helping me get my life back to normal.

-Norberto Martinez Fort Worth TX

*****  I came to Beach Pain Center because I was in a car wreck. I broke my pelvis and couldn't walk. With therapy and getting adjusted now I feel great! I got back on my feet in less than a month. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

-Jesus Palacios Fort Worth TX

*****  I'm a professional boxer so injuries, and pain are inevitable. I got referred to Beach Pain Center from a friend, and I am so glad I took their advice. They take really good care of me every time I come in. the staff is great, friendly, and really attentive. The Dr. is great and very knowledgeable, nice guy and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend anyone that is an athlete that wants to recover quickly from injuries, to come here. The office is great, and staff is great.

-John Vera Fort Worth TX

*****   I was in a car accident which resulted in 2 herniated disks, I was given a few injections to help with the pain and swelling, along with physical therapy and adjustments. Dr. Noorani, Dr. Patel and staff have gone above and beyond to help my pain level decrease. I definitely recommend them for any of your chiropractic needs.

-Melissa Moreno Fort Worth TX

****  I have had chiropractic treatment from a few years and treated by Chiropractors with different philosophies and techniques. Dr. Noorani has found a way to take in all the information and disciplines and design a treatment plan that is catered to your needs. His staff is one of the friendliest people you could meet and it's always a pleasure to get to see them for my treatments. If you want to be treated by doctors who know their stuff and have your highest potential in mind, go here!.

-Bianka Rodriguez Fort Worth TX

*****  The place inside is extremely nice. The ladies there are very helpful and sweet. I recommend this place for anyone that has been into a car crash or having back pain they will take care of you!!

-Alejandra Sanchez Fort Worth TX

*****  Beach Pain is a great place to come when your in pain or if had a accident they have help me so much though the accident that i had. i was in so much pain the Doctor is so great and the staff is the best.

-Veronica Boone Fort Worth TX

*****  What's worst than getting into a car wreck? The back pain that I experienced after my accident literally had me on my stomach most of the day to avoid the pain I was feeling on a constant basis. Going to Beach Pain Center was one of the best decisions I made- they really took the time to understand my issues, my pain points and customize a treatment option that was suited for me. Dr. Noorani is attentive, intelligent and understanding when it comes to back pain. I highly recommend him and his professional staff for pain relief.

-Rajeev Sharma Fort Worth TX

*****  Thank you for your attention . These are hard working people . I was in a car wreck and messed up my back and my shoulder.  Dr. Noorani and his workers help me to get better and I am still continuing to come here ! thank you again.

-Jorge Rios Fort Worth TX

*****  I got into a wreck back in 2011. I was hit by a drunk driver and I had severe back pain after the accident. I found Beach Pain Center on Google and took a chance w/Dr. Noorani and his staff. The treatment was great, and the staff is very professional. Dr. N explained all questions I had for him, and the adjustments were awesome. After every visit, I started getting better. I still go to his office 3 years later to get adjusted.

-Consuelo Gonzalez Fort Worth TX

*****  When it comes to rehabilitation and finding a solution to pain, this is the place to go. Dr. Noorani is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and has great listening ability. He personally spends time with each patient and is committed to his profession of healing.

-Robert Canidate Fort Worth TX

*****  I recently moved to Ft. Worth and was in search of a new chiropractor. I couldn't find anyone that was worth visiting twice, but luckily was hired by Beach Pain Center. I couldn't be more grateful to work for two amaaazing doctors - Dr. Noorani and Dr. Patel. I have the best co-workers. Our staff goes above and beyond to take the best care of our patients. And best of all, I finally found a chiropractor that knows how to properly do a side posture adjustment and no longer have hip pain. Plus I am able to keep up with regular adjustments that help out with my posture, headaches and back tension. I highly recommend that anyone who is in need of chiropractic care see Dr. Noorani!.

-Katie Brizendine Fort Worth TX

***** Great place to get well!

-Eugene Rowell Fort Worth, TX

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