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Do you have a pinched nerve? At Beach Pain Center, our doctors are trained in body mechanics and how to relieve the cause of the symptoms that you have. The term "pinched nerve" is not a clinical term, but helps to explain why the symptoms you have may be directly associated with the spine.

If you are suffering from radiating symptoms in the neck, arms, shoulders, back, legs or feet, it may well indicate pressure on the nerves as they emit from the spine.

Headaches are one of the most common results of nerves being stretched, irritated or compressed by inflammation in or near the spine. The doctor may call it a pinched nerve for easier understanding, and then identify it before beginning treatment.


  • Do you have back symptoms?
  • Do you have frequent headaches?
  • Do you have neck symptoms, stiffness or symptoms across the shoulders?
  • Are you experiencing symptoms, numbness or tingling radiating into your arms, legs, hands or feet?
  • Do you have symptoms between the shoulders?


Misaligned vertebrae can rarely correct themselves spontaneously and permanently. The answer lies in chiropractic care. We have the training, education and experience to determine which vertebrae are involved in a sciatic condition. Our physicians will locate the misaligned vertebrae by means of X-rays and other diagnostic methods. After aligning these vertebrae, the nerve pressure is then released, thus relieving the acute symptoms.

There are no drugs used, so when the symptoms is relieved, you can be sure that the doctor is working on the underlying cause, not just the symptom. It usually takes time to stabilize the bones in proper position, so that the vertebrae no longer pinch nerves.

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