Do You Have Whiplash Injury

Neck pain from car accident?

Answering a few simple questions can save you extensive and unnecessary pain:

  1. Are you experiencing headaches, head and neck symptoms, stiff neck, or muscle spasms?
  2. Do you have restricted head motion?
  3. Do you have equilibrium problems, loss of hearing, or ringing in the ears?
  4. Are you experiencing eye strain or increased sensitivity to light?
  5. Have you felt lightheaded, excessively tired, or blacked out?
  6. Have you had any neuralgia (nerve symptoms) or neuritis (nerve inflammation)?
  7. Do you have cold hands or feet, or numbness of arms, hands, shoulders, feet, legs?
  8. Are you experiencing periods of unexplained depression, anxiety, or irritability?
  9. Are you unable to concentrate or have poor memory?
  10. Do you have symptoms between the shoulders, low-back symptoms, tremors, or rapid heartbeat?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, you may be suffering from a misalignment or dislocation due to whiplash from an Auto Accident. It is critical that treatment is sought immediately after an automobile accident since allowing the effects of whiplash to go untreated can induce long-term pain.  The seriousness of the physical effects of an accident is not always known or felt immediately following.  It can take days, weeks or even months for major symptoms to show up, which is why chiropractic care is essential to maintaining the health of a spine that has been through a trauma.

Any body part that is jarred or thrown forward unexpectedly and beyond normal limits can sustain stretched ligaments and even tears. Those supporting the head and neck are especially vulnerable to this kind of tearing during a collision. Since chiropractors specialize in the care of bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissue, they are crucial to visit after an accident. All those major parts of the body are important to keep in optimal health and correct alignment so they can function properly and all body systems can operate seamlessly.

Early care and treatment means full healing and recovery is quickly realized. Even a car crash that is seemingly minor with limited damage to the car itself can cause serious injury to the driver and passengers. Chiropractic treatments are the right step toward restoring the body. Beyond treatment, advice for optimal nutrition, as well as exercises to continue healing on your own after appointments, are just a few examples of the way Dr. Noorani, DC cares for the whole individual after an accident.

Our doctors can competently assess any problem, following tests and examination. Doctors and attorneys may refer accident patients to us for pain management or a second opinion.

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